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Welcome to Sejal Group of Company

It is very interesting and encouraging to wish about such company “Sejal Group of Company”, whose mission is to work such things, based on humanity or to serve those layers of society, who is some part away from success and glory and reputation. Its mission to work on global for the betterment of society. It means Service to needy is service of god, Segal Group of Company is working today now at vast canvas with its 50% of annual income, for education, health social consciousness with its different Heads of planning & resources.

In past of few years it was a hand full of the achievement with its theme that’s although not vey long list of adventures but in modern day of today & Senior chief managing director Mr, Subhesh Ramji Gupta, Young & dynamic personality from very ordinary family, has strong determination with its energetic & Enthusiastic team has decided to work on global label with full energy and potency of the company.

In very soon it will be such a platform where with open eyes, happiness will become pleasant smile of the needy laces. The first mission of Sejal group of company is to emphasis on construction of Building for total of the population in their own budget. There will be a slogan by the Sejal group of company, “ Ghar ho Khushaali ka” It means for all the people of their own budget, They can live with happiness without any tension with modern facilities as much as possible.

We need the support of all of you from all parts of society for “ Ghar-Ho-Khushhaali Ka” Hence being united for the whole development of society, so let come first for wiping the tears of the needy on global – label by which could make the best for India, in future there is more schemes and planning for different sector of society for the betterment and up liftment of the society. Once again with firm desire and pleasant mood we should make the mission successful of Ghar – Ho – Khushhali Ka.